Jey Austen

[they / them]

Senior Designer focused on handcrafted visuals, user interfaces, and design systems based in howdy and rowdy Austin, Texas.

Selected Work

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Case Studies

A photo of Jey in a blazer smiling and laughing. They have a shaved head that looks a heatmap with blobs of purple fading to pink to mint. Their eyebrows are dyed a bright electric blue, and they complete the look with moon earrings and a non-binary lapel button pin.

Who is Jey?

Jey Austen is a senior web designer and illustrator from howdy and rowdy Austin, Texas. Currently accepting clients and full time opportunities.

With 10+ years of creative experience across multiple industries – athletics, entertainment, and fintech, for starters – Jey has seen some shit, and loves learning new things and thinking on their feet.

Jey loves teaching creatives, and mentoring designers on best practices in Figma and Procreate. While you're here, be sure to say hi, especially if you're in education, activism, or entertainment!

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Community Engagement

Figmatch! - Config 2023

Picture this: lightning-fast rounds that'll make your head spin faster than Pantone's color swatches in a battle of wit and artistic prowess. This is a showdown that'll have you on the edge of your ergonomic chairs! They are joined by Anthony DiSpezio, Katie Cooper, Matt Smith (MDS), Jey Austen, Clara Ujiie, Dan Mall, Anna Fine, and Joey Lamelas

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JeyCreates on Tiktok

Learn how to draw in Procreate and Figma, using both traditional and digital art techniques, and catch design livestreams! The response from new artists and illustrators has been overwhelming, and it's a great way to give back to the community.

A blob-y soundwave with a play button, similar to the previous one, but pink and red this time.

Awwwards nominee

Nominated Aug 23, 2022 - Portfolio site of Jey Austen – a senior brand designer and illustrator from howdy and rowdy Austin, Texas.

FoF Lunch and Learn

Figma for more than just rectangles? Learn about brand design, illustrating, and how to moodboard during this Lunch and Learn for the Friends of Figma Austin community

Inside Jey's Workspace

Your creative space is so important - you should fill it with memories of the things and people that make life worth living. It helps on days when you’re unmotivated or have low energy to remind yourself of the good times. I feel the need to stress that my desk is never this clean, I’m usually a creative mess.

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Jey's website exudes elegance with its dominant white and black color scheme...

A blob-y soundwave with a play button


How to approach brand and visual design in an inclusive accessible way

A blob-y soundwave with a play button, similar to the previous one, but pink and red this time.

Name your Layers

Learn about Jey's background and unique approach to brand design